Season 2 Episode 8: It is Read

gregwebb44Space Train

This week on Space Train, Doug and the cadets answer a distress call to pick up a boy named Etho who can read an entire book with the touch of a hand.

Season 2 Episode 7: Mind-Builder

gregwebb44Space Train

Doug and the cadets visit the Academy where they perform a special mission using The Connector and Doug gets some extra attention for his mind-building skills.

Season 2 Episode 1: Roll Call

gregwebb44Space Train

Here it is, Rocketeers, the second season of Space Train! In this week’s episode, Doug and the cadets go on an important mission to retrieve the records they will need to start the Academy of Wanderers.

Episode 8: Fishing for Answers


Dillon and his friends are boarded by the Union ship and find that their unexpected guest not only has answers to their questions, but can teach them how to Sky Fish.