The Candy Gobbler

gregwebb44Halloween, Life

Here it is Rocketeers! The fully illustrated Halloween special! The Novel Effect Team and I have joined forces to bring you this interactive adventure. After listening to this episode, be sure to download the free Novel Effect App below and open The Candy Gobbler. As you read the ebook in-app you will see all the fun illustrations and the music/sound … Read More

Episode 2: Stuck in Cogtown

gregwebb44The Adventures of Pockets

Pockets and Petey reach the land of Yondra where they learn of an urgent quest for the king and stumble upon Cogtown, a village in desperate need of help. (Ticking music – Clockwork by Philipp Klein)

Season 2 Episode 1: Roll Call

gregwebb44Space Train

Here it is, Rocketeers, the second season of Space Train! In this week’s episode, Doug and the cadets go on an important mission to retrieve the records they will need to start the Academy of Wanderers.

Episode 1: The Giant Turtle Shell

gregwebb44The Adventures of Pockets

The Purple Rocket Podcast Presents…The Adventures of Pockets! The only thing Pockets loves as much as his pocket-covered pajamas is an exciting adventure. Every morning he fills his pockets with trinkets in case they come in handy. But he couldn’t imagine how handy they’d become until he’s washed out to sea and finds himself on the shores of Yondra.

Episode 15: Camp Bakuza

gregwebb44Camp Dino

Bo and the rest of Camp Dino are taken prisoner and led to Camp Bakuza, where the kids make a huge discovery. 

Episode 14: The Tournament

gregwebb44Camp Dino

Bo and the rest of the kids put their dinos to the test in the final tournament. Get comfortable, Rocketeers. This is the longest PRP episode to date!

Episode 13: Tuku’s Stash

gregwebb44Camp Dino

This week on Camp Dino, Bo is on a mission to track down Tuku in order to get their stuff back and find out more about the Bakuza.