Episode 20: The Emperor of Empathy and the Journey Through Splash Pad City


Porter is having a hard time understanding the feelings of others. But that all changes when a giant bucket at the local splash pad dumps water on him and transports him to Splash Pad City. Join him on his journey through a land full of jumping geysers, water slides and opportunities to show empathy. Theme music by Kevin Macleod – … Read More

Episode 7: Feeding the Fire

gregwebb44Winnie and the Pixienauts

Jack keeps his promise to Winnie by showing up to school in a dress and Winnie prepares for their mission by learning more about fairies from Oliver. Want to listen offline? Click the download icon on the player above to download this episode to your device.

Episode 6: The Pixienauts

gregwebb44Winnie and the Pixienauts

Winnie, Jack and Oliver head back to the fair to recruit Dr. Theo Knight for their quest to save the orchid queen. But the fair’s owner, Rudy, knows that Winnie disappeared near the carousel and has everyone looking for her. Will they be able to meet up and make plans or will they get caught? Find out in Episode 6: … Read More

Episode 6: Good Neighbors

gregwebb44The Knights of Spatula

Just when the Knights of Spatula think their situation couldn’t get any worse, they discover that King Karl has hired a new crew of knights to protect his kingdom, the Knights of Ladle. As the competition heats up, the Knights of Spatula must prove that they are the only ones worthy of protecting Spatulot.. Theme music by Kevin Macleod – … Read More