Episode 8: The Pebble Castle

gregwebb44The Adventures of Pockets

Pockets, Petey, and Cogline reach the Pebble Castle where they must get past the castle guards. Will they be able to overcome the trolls and shadow knights? Will they finally get an audience with the king? Find out in this week’s episode!

Episode 2: Stuck in Cogtown

gregwebb44The Adventures of Pockets

Pockets and Petey reach the land of Yondra where they learn of an urgent quest for the king and stumble upon Cogtown, a village in desperate need of help. (Ticking music – Clockwork by Philipp Klein)

Episode 12: The Breakthrough


It’s the Digger finale! In the final episode of the series, Dillon and his friends try to keep the Drum Rock key away from Kai as the war wages on between the Risers and the Surfacers.