Episode 1: Dollar Billy


Ever wondered what it would be like if your parents were literally made of money? Billy knows exactly what that’s like. Find out what happens when his wish finally comes true. (Duration 14:06) The Main Street Arcade. A run-down garage where kids go to blow all their money in one sitting. Century old arcades lined the walls like statues in … Read More

Episode 3: Gabby and the Gratidudes

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Gabby, an aspiring rock star, learns the importance of expressing gratitude. (Duration: 18:43)   The very first thing Gabby Gerber does every morning is jam. Not the kind you spread on toast. I’m talking about a bonafide rock ‘n roll jam session. The second her alarm clock chirps she bounces out of bed, flips on her keyboard, and lets the … Read More

Episode 7: Hal’s Halloween

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Every rat in New York City loves Halloween. Every rat except for little Hal Harrison that is. But this year is going to be different. The Harrison’s are about to have a Halloween they’ll never forget. (Duration: 17:26) Hal was a homebody. Which is a rare for a rat, especially in New York City, ‘cause most New York rats scurry … Read More