Who Am I?

Hello there! My name’s Greg Webb, your captain aboard The Purple Rocket. First of all, welcome! And thanks for visiting! I’d like to start off by introducing myself. I’m a husband to an incredible wife (Sarah), a dad to two very special kiddets (Aurora and Cohen), and I LOVE to tell stories. Actually, that’s the reason why I started this podcast.

You see, The Purple Rocket Podcast was an excuse for me to tell the crazy stories that are regularly floating around in my brain. For a long time, I’d been trying to figure out a way to best share those stories, until one day I thought, “Wait a minute. What about a podcast?” So lo and behold, the Purple Rocket launched.

My goal is to take your kid on an unforgettable adventure every week. I want to not only give them a break from staring at flashing screens, but to teach them something new and spark their imaginations. I hope you enjoy listening to these wild tales as much as I enjoy making them!

Why you’re going to love it!

It improves Reading Ability

Hearing stories read aloud helps kids learn punctuation and enunciation. Under each episode you’ll find a “Read-Along” section where your child can follow along with the story and practice pronouncing the words as they hear them.

It’s Educational

Each episode strives to teach your child something new. From simple truths about the natural world around them to important life lessons, all are meant to be absorbed by listening to the story. Under each episode is a section entitled “Lesson” where you’ll find additional activities that expound on what’s being taught.

It Improves Listening Skills

Play the podcast in the car, at home, or on the go. No matter where you are, your kids will be lost in these magical audio adventures. They may look like they’re just sitting quietly, but they’re actually being taught critical listening skills that will help them at home and in the classroom.

It’s Fun

From soaring through outer space to fluttering through magical fairy forests, each adventure is sure to take your child’s imagination on a wild ride. Our stories are told in entertaining voices and emphasized with fun sound effects to hold their attention. We encourage parents to listen with their kids. In fact, we’ve included “Discussion” points in the episode’s Lesson that are meant to keep the dialog going and create opportunities for heart-felt conversation with your child. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!