BONUS EPISODE: Nicky – A Christmas Poem

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Nicky spreads Christmas cheer throughout town with his little homemade wreaths. Want to listen offline? Click the download icon on the player above to download this episode to your device.

A Christmas Poem

On a cold winter night in a cozy little town,
there walked a boy on the snow-covered ground.
His name was Nicky, although nobody knew,
Without a home, without food, and without family too.

His over-sized coat nearly touching the ground,
Was covered with holes, not a button to be found.
And wrapping his toes all tied up with string,
Was a crumpled up newspaper dating back to last spring.
But no matter how hungry, cold or alone,
Between his rosy cheeks a smile always shone.

He passed the glowing windows full of laughter and joy,
Until he came to one dimmer, the home of Mr. McRoy.
Just as Nicky expected, the man was alone,
wiping tears from his face with an audible groan.

Grasped in his hands, at a picture he stared,
Of a beautiful old woman, a life they had shared.
Nicky walked up to the door and pulled from his sack,
A homemade wreath that he hung on a tack.
“Merry Christmas,” he whispered as he turned to leave.
And with a skip in his step he disappeared down the street.

The very next day Nicky sprang from his box,
His homemade hut built from only sticks and rocks.
He ran through the trees, gathering all he would need,
Pine needles and cones and berries and reed.

He strolled into town holding his red sack tight,
Looking for someone, someone juuuust right.

Just minutes into the search, he was stopped in his tracks,
By Baker Henry’s display full of goodies and snacks.
He stared with hungry eyes at the heavenly choir,
Of cream cadoodles and brittle puffs straight from the fryer.

It wasn’t long before Baker Henry appeared,
His outstretched hands stacked with treats up to his beard.
“Here, take a Cremdoodle,” he said, “Go on, don’t be shy.”
Nicky accepted his offer graciously and with a mouthful said goodbye.

As he walked down the streets watching all the kids play,
He spotted a girl, little Macie LaMae.
She sat by herself on her porch with the flu,
No one would invite her, but Nicky knew just what to do.

That night he snuck through her gate and crept up to the door,
He hung a big furry wreath and need I say more?
He danced all the way home so happy he could cry,
Little did he know, Baker Henry stood watch nearby.

Night after night and day after day,
Nick delivered his wreaths and prayed for everyone by name.
He hung them on churches, on graves and on schools,
He even hung one on the neck of a mule.

It wasn’t long until they covered the town,
Little Nicky’s green halos of love were spread all around.

But there soon came a night, as cold as could be,
A blizzard rolled in, the worst in history.
Poor Nicky was trapped in his box in the woods,
He was sick with a cold, he’d seek help if he could.

He prayed between sobs as he knelt in the storm,
Tears streamed down his cheeks, his cries shaking his little boy form.

When all of a sudden, he heard angles above,
A singing so sweet, so warm, full of love.
Light shone around his box, a heavenly glow,
This was it, it was time, God he would soon know.

Wiping the tears from his face, he poked his head out,
And what he saw next nearly made him shout.
Standing before him singing carols and hymns,
Was every town member, their lamps lightly trimmed.

He saw the Baker, Mr. McRoy and Macie LaMae,
He even saw the mule singing away.
They scooped Nicky up and carried him back,
Away from the woods and his little ol’ shack.

They washed him, fed him, clothed him head to toe,
“I’ll plump you right up!” exclaimed the Baker preparing his dough.

At the end of the night, everyone parted their ways,
Only Baker Henry remained, he had something to say.
“I have an extra room. You can live here with me.”
Said Baker Henry crouching down on one knee.

Little Nicky was speechless, his eyes filled with tears,
The smile on his face nearly connecting both ears.
“Yes!” he cried, throwing his arms round his neck.
The Baker hugged him tight and gave his cheek a big peck.

He showed him his room, with a bed neatly made,
A special Christmas surprise on the covers there laid.

Nicky ran to the bed and opened the wrap,
An oversized red coat, black boots and a cap.
He thanked the Baker who tucked him in tight,
Nicky’s first time ever, what a glorious night!

Once all alone, Nicholas reached for his sack,
And with his bag full of wreaths, he crept out the back.


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