Episode 5: The Orion Riders

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Doug and the cadets finally get answers from Goro. But just as they start to take it all in, they’re forced to compete in the Orion Pass Race. (Duration: 32:14) Theme music by Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com. Want to listen offline? Click the download icon on the player above to download this episode to your device.


In the episode, Doug realizes he has a special ability. Talk about your special abilities? What makes you different from other people? Discuss your talents or things you do that seem easy, but are difficult for other people. How did you discover that special ability?

Discuss what you learned about nebulae (more than one nebula). What do they look like? What are they? Can you remember any of the gases in it?

A nebula is an immense cloud of gas and dust and many are stellar nurseries, regions where stars are born. The word nebula in latin means “mist” or “cloud”.

There are four types of nebulae:  


  • Emission Nebulae – Cloud of ionized gas that emits its own light. They’re very large, bright, and oddly shaped. Most stars are born in Emission Nebulae. The most famous Emission Nebula is the Orion Nebula, which was featured in this episode. 


  • Dark NebulaeVery dense dust clouds that absorb and scatter light. The largest dark nebula block the light from the objects behind them, making them appear as dark patches against the starry backdrop. 



  • Reflection NebulaeClouds of dust that are reflecting the light of a nearby star or stars. They are also typically sites where stars are formed. Appear to be bluish in color due to the polarized light reflected off of its particles, (the iron and nickel with the galactic magnetic field, causing the scattered light to become polarized and appear blue). 


  • Planetary NebulaeShells of gas ejected by old red giant stars towards the end of their lives. When viewed through a telescope they resemble the round shape of planets.


Create a Nebula in a jar!

(Source PBS Parents)

Or you can transform a plate into a nebula! Click here for instructions: http://thisishowyouplay.org/wiki/Glue_nebula

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