Episode 4: The Zaxlin

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Will encounters new friends and foes as he begins his training with Magborne aboard the Jolly Leafer. (Duration: 39:43) Theme music by Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com. Want to listen offline? Click the download icon on the player above to download this episode to your device.


Ask your child what they learned about oceans from this episode. Review the five oceans with them: The Pacific, The Atlantic, The Indian, The Arctic, and The Southern. Locate them on a map or globe. Talk about which ones they’ve seen if any. Hopefully this episode piques your child’s interest in oceans so that they can engage in learning more.


Amazing Facts About Oceans!

  1. Over 70% of our earth’s surface is covered with water!
  2. Up until the year 2000, only four oceans were recognized – The Pacific, The Atlantic, The Indian, and the Arctic. In the year 2000, scientists officially recognized the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.
  3. The world’s longest mountain range is found underwater called the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, which spans nearly 35,000 miles.
  4. At present, we have only explored about 5% of the world’s oceans and have more detailed maps of Mar’s surface. While the entire ocean floor has been mapped, the ocean’s water veil limits the resolution to 5km, which means we can see most objects 5km(3 miles) across.
  5. Oceans make our weather. Their water currents transfer heat around the globe and the air temperature above the oceans creates the wind and clouds.


Click the image below to learn how to create your very own ocean in a bottle!

(Source: http://www.dealiciousmom.com/ocean-in-a-bottle-craft/)

Make your own version of Magborne’s ship, The Jolly Leafer! Attach a big leaf to a popsicle stick and glue it to the point in the boat to make a fairy sail.


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