Episode 3: Mars and the Well of Being

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Doug and the cadets embark on their first mission to Mars! There they must find a way to save the Martians’ dwindling water supply from the Well of Being. (Duration: 36:25) Theme music by Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com. Want to listen offline? Click the download icon on the player above to download this episode to your device.


Talk about the various characteristics of the planet Mars mentioned in the episode. What does it look like? See if they can remember any of the facts mentioned by Goro in the Planetarium. It might be worth noting that the Martians and their homes/civilization are not real, but that other descriptions of the planet are accurate.


Life on Mars

Mars is very similar to Earth in a number of ways, but unlike Earth it does not host intelligent life due to its harsh environment.

In order to survive on its surface you would always need to be wearing a spacesuit in order to protect you. The suit would help shield from the harmful solar rays that penetrate Mars’ thin atmosphere and also keep you warm since the temperature rarely rises above freezing. In fact, sometimes it can get as cold as 200 degrees below Fahrenheit! So even though it’s fun to think about intelligent beings living on the Red Planet, the truth is there are none. But there’s no harm in imagining, right? Drawn a picture of what you think a Martian would look like if they existed.



Explore the Mars surface using actual satellite imagery from NASA. Start with an aerial view of the massive mountain mentioned in the episode – Olympus Mons (height – 72,000 ft)



Watch this video to learn why Mars appears to be red (video courtesy of NASA):


How do we get to Mars? (video courtesy of NASA):


Watch NASA take a Rover to Mars (video courtesy of NASA):




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