Episode 2: Beyond the Fragrant Falls

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Willam and his family are on the move! Follow their journey as they make their way through the mystical Fragrant Falls. (Duration: 35:32) Get access to all of the Purple Rocket Podcast episodes for free by downloading the RadioPublic app HERE. Theme music by Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com. Want to listen offline? Click the download icon on the player above to download this episode to your device.


Discuss Will’s decision not to tell his parents about the Bees trying to steal his sister. Was that a wise choice? Why not? Explain that holding back the truth from our parents can have serious consequences. Talk about why it’s important for your child to always be open with their parents, no matter what kind of trouble they’re in. Explain that you are there to help them through any challenges they face and that they can trust you. Give them examples of scenarios that should be brought to your attention.


There’s a whole lot more in caves than just bats. Check out this cool stuff you can also find in the deep caverns of the world!

Cave bacon (hear it sizzle):

cave bacon








Cave/Gypsum Flower:


Cave Column (sort of like a stalagmite and stalactite, except this guy touches both the floor and ceiling!):

cave column


Crystal Pool:

cave crystal pool


How are caves formed?

Caves are created through a process called Speleogenesis. Speleogenesis refers to the formation and development of caves. It is a process that involves chemical actions, water eroding rock, pressure, tectonic forces, etc.

Types of Caves

Limestone Caves – This is your most common cave.

limestone cave


Lava Caves – Also known as Lava Tubes, these caves are formed by volcanic lava flow.

lava cave


Sea Caves – These caverns are formed when powerful waves pound against the land, eating away at material over time.

sea cave


Ice Caves – Ice caves made entirely of ice are actually known as Glacier Caves. When water flows under or through a glacier it forms cavernous rooms and tunnels. “Ice Caves” is more of a general term referring to any of the above mentioned caves that preserves ice in its rooms by trapping cold air.

glacier cave


Sandstone Caves – Created when water and wind chip away at the sand.

sandstone cave in arizona


Mud Caves – Sometimes floodwaters can dig out channels which are later filled in by landslides. More floods continue to eat away at the remaining debris until they leave behind one of these beauties.

mud cave

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