Episode 1: The Purple Rocket

gregwebb44Space Train

Doug’s building skills are put to the test when he and his classmates have a soda bottle rocket competition at school. (Duration: 13:32) Get access to all of the Purple Rocket Podcast episodes for free by downloading the RadioPublic app HERE. Theme music by Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com. Want to listen offline? Click the download icon on the player above to download this episode to your device.


Have a conversation with your child about winning and losing. Use examples from your life and their life to explain why it’s not all about winning.

Talk to your child about their favorite school project and brainstorm ideas for any upcoming project they may have.


Print out this picture of a rocket ship and have your child color it and name it. Tape it on the fridge or their bedroom door once they’re done.



Rocket Coloring Page-

If you have a model rocket, take it to your local park and launch it with your child.

Model Rocket

If you’re more ambitious, build a functioning rocket together:

Instructions: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/video/0,,20263020,00.html or http://www.instructables.com/id/Soda-Bottle-Water-Rocket/