Educational Audio Adventures for Kids
Ditch the screens and engage your child's imagination with award-winning audio stories.
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Quality Entertainment Without The Screen
Improves Reading Ability
Listening to audio stories can help improve your child’s ability to read. Audio stories build vocabulary and help kids learn punctuation and enunciation.
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Improves Listening Skills
It’s not always easy to get our kids to relax and sit still. By listening to audio stories, they’re learning critical listening skills that can help them in social settings and comprehension.
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Reduce Screen Time
Screens are everywhere! Let's face it, some screen time is probably inevitable. But too much screen time can lead to overstimulation, behavior problems, irregular sleep, and can stifle creative thinking. Listening to audio stories on the other hand helps your child exercise their creativity and experience the magic of their own imagination.
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This podcast won’t make your child a genius. It will, however, teach them something new about the world and inspire them to be a good person. Some of our series even come with an Activity Book so your kids can engage even more with the stories.
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The Purple Rocket has been the recipient of a Parents’ Choice Award! “The Parents’ Choice Awards is the nation’s oldest and most respected nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s media and toys.”
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Guilt-Free Quiet Time
Look, every parent needs a break. But as you know, sticking your child in front of a screen has its consequences. Turning on an audio adventure keeps your child engaged in a healthy way while you can get things done.
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Parent Approved
A lot of kids' content out there is just painful on adult ears: the squeaky voices, the repetition, the random storylines, it's brutal! Purple Rocket Audio Adventures are produced with the whole family in mind so that you can have a blast listening with your child. Car time just became party time!
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Easy to use app
Designed to minimize friction for busy parents, our Rocketeer Club App makes listening anytime anywhere a breeze. With a couple of taps you can pick up where you last left off and navigate to your favorite stories quickly.
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Sample Stories
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Bo is a homeschooler who’s just getting over his obsessive dinosaur phase. But when his parents send him to a dinosaur summer camp in the middle of the jungle his world is turned upside down. At CAMP DINO you don’t dig for fake fossils or sit through boring classes, you RAISE your own dinosaur from an egg. Join Bo and his friends on an unforgettable adventure into the world of dinosaurs!
Camp Dino
17 Episodes
After washing out to sea aboard a giant turtle shell, Pockets must use the trinkets in his onesie pajama pockets to survive the dangers of Yondra.
The Adventures of Pockets
12 Episodes
Sawyer and Suzie discover a magical globe in their grandpa’s library that transports them to different countries across the world. Follow them on their journey as they experience some of our planet’s richest cultures!
Grandpa's Globe Season 1
21 Episodes
Dillon and his mom have fallen on hard times. So when he hears a rumor about a past principal burying treasure under the baseball field at school, he decides to go searching for it. But when Dillon and his friend Mac start digging around, they soon find much more than a chest full of treasure – they discover an underground world.
12 Episodes
More sample stories
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What Parents Are Saying
“What a great learning tool for kids! Greg’s narrator voice is the best. I like the different genres of each of his series and how kids can really relate to each of them. It kept even me as an adult interested.”
“Me and my kids LOVE your podcast! You have helped MANY trips in the car be quiet and sane for me! Thank you for making quality, wholesome, educational entertainment!”
“Our whole family LOVES your stories! It’s amazing how creative you are! These stories are so cool, exciting, informative, and educational. My 5 boys (13 to 2mo) love listening to your awesome voices. We are addicted!"
“These exciting and adventurous stories keep the kids and me on the edge of our seats every episode. Beautifully written and engaging.”
“We listen to the Purple Rocket every day on our way to and from school. My son Porter (8years old) loves every single one of these stories!!! Greg is a very talented writer and narrates his stories with fantastic voices and enthusiasm for his characters. We have almost listened to them all!! You will not be disappointed! Thanks from Alaska!!”
Porter and his mom
“We are a family of 6- 2 adults and 4 boys. We all LOVE PRP! If things get too crazy and I start to get overwhelmed with the chaos, I buckle them in their car seats and turn on PRP and it is complete silence.

I have even found myself being hooked to the stories and listening to them when they aren’t around. I also appreciate the words of wisdom that get thrown into the stories- about kindness, bullying, etc. It’s so hard to find GOOD, clean entertainment and this has been just that."
Blount Family
“Enjoyable for Parents and Kids! My daughter and I are new listeners and on Season 2 of Grandpa’s Globe. These stories are amazing and I love how there are funny little jokes/cultural touchstones for the parents to enjoy. It’s difficult to find kids podcasts that don’t repeat themselves over and over with corny puns as the bulk of their content. Thank you for engaging all age groups with your talents!"
"Fantastic for kids and their adults. Greg does such a great job writing the storylines and they are captivating for kids and parents alike. They have been appropriate for my son since he was four and he is actually pretty sensitive to scary themes. I love listening with my kids and don’t want to miss an episode. Purple Rocket time is family time."
Rowen and his mom
"I just want to express our admiration and appreciation for the Grandpa's Globe series! What great writing and what amazing story-telling. Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating non-screen entertainment! This is a big task in these days of handing out screens for kids so parents can have time to scroll their own. These podcasts really encourage imaginative thinking!"