Quality Entertainment Without The Screen

  • Improves Reading Ability

    Listening to audio stories is a proven way to improve your child’s ability to read. Audio stories build vocabulary and help kids learn punctuation and enunciation. Read More

  • Improves Listening Skills

    It’s not always easy to get our kids to relax and sit still. By listening to audio stories, they’re learning critical listening skills that will help them in social settings and comprehension. Read More

  • Sparks Imagination

    We live in a world where entertainment is spoon fed to children in the form of countless over-stimulating screens. Listening to audio stories helps them exercise their creativity and experience the magic of their own imagination. Read More

  • Educational

    This podcast won’t make your child a genius. It will, however, teach them something new about the world around them and important life lessons. Not only are the principles taught in the story, but further learning can be found in each episode’s accompanying lesson. Read More

  • Award-Winning

    The Purple Rocket has been the recipient of a Parents’ Choice Award! “The Parents’ Choice Awards is the nation’s oldest and most respected nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s media and toys.”

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Our Stories


“What a great learning tool for kids! Greg’s narrator voice is the best. I like the different genre of each of his podcasts and how kids can really relate to each of them. It kept even me as an adult interested.”Jess C.
“What happens next? I want to hear the next one! I wish I was one of the kids in the story and could go anywhere I put my finger. I like to learn all about the places in the world.”Brenna
“The Purple Rocket Podcast is engaging and educational and forces our kids to use their imagination by listening to a story instead of watching a movie.”Logan G.
“We love the Purple Rocket Podcast! It works really well for my sons during quiet time and it was great for us to use when we wanted to avoid screens, yet give our children a little down time. My boys loved all the different voices and the adventure in each story. I highly recommend it!”Arissa P.